New World Classic, a subsidiary of Instant Music Licensing GmbH, is a music company based in Stuttgart, Germany, specialized in the synch licensing market. New World Classic license music rights from the fast growing self owned catalogue and selected recording owners for all kinds of B2B usages and marketing of music products, customized by the New World Classic team for the synch marketplace. The New World Classic product portfolio currently contains 80 000 recordings. The products are marketed and sold via our online music store and a wide range of sub distributors on a global market.


Communicate with decision makers

to engage with their needs.

Import content

into our database.

Adjust metadata

to get the global compatibility for your content.

Promote to Leaders

empowered with creativity.

Create albums

optimized for the synch market.

Export to TV-Networks

suitable to their needs.

Export music

to all major partners in the world.

Promote music

to Filmmakers & Creative Agencies .

YouTube Monetization

YouTube revenues are now starting to become more and more important but most musicians don’t see any of it. Are other people uploading your music on YouTube? Did you find your music being used on other popular videos?

If so, you’re missing out on some easy extra cash!

What do you get with New World Classic’s Content ID?


You get paid for every ad displayed on your videos.


You also get paid when someone else uploads your music.


You can choose to whitelist/exclude your own YouTube channel.

As we are YouTube certified, you receive more of your revenue with us than others in the industry.