The Most Powerful Tool in the Music Business

Unlock Potential

New World Classic automates your licensing processes and unlocks unused sales potential: Production music licensing has never been this simple and fast.


Our human import manager handles everything in terms of content delivered to us, whether it’s delivered online, on harddisk or on CDs. The content is ingested and labeled with the correct metadata and additional tags necessary to meet the synch- requirements.

Promo Tool

Creating new products for the constantly evolving productionmusic market is a big challenge. At New World Classic we use our IML Promo Tool for this purpose. It allows creating curated projects for film directors and advertising agencies. Easily create a compilation to each movie project and send a hidden link. Smart, fast and powerful.

Recordings Metadata

Every recording is unique, therefore every recording gets its unique designation in the database. Metadata such as territory rights, copyright info, tags, ISRC codes, territory restrictions, track titles, recording versions, and much more is added and refined.


Dealing with big data-exports can end up in a mess. New World Classic uses its Export Tool to convert and deliver classical music content to over 30 different partners worldwide.

White Label

Instant Music Licensing’s White Label solution offers a “1-Stop Licensing Shop” branded under your label name. It helps to better target your customers’ needs and grows the visibility of classical music contents in the web.


Make Money on YouTube

YouTube revenues are now starting to become more and more important but most musicians don’t see any of it. Are other people uploading your music on YouTube? Did you find your music being used on other popular videos? If so, you’re missing out on some easy extra cash!

What do you get with New World Classic’s Content ID?

1You get paid for every ad displayed on your videos.
2You also get paid when someone else uploads your music.
3You can choose to whitelist/exclude your own YouTube channel.


As we are YouTube certified, you receive more of your revenue with us than others in the industry.

The Terms and Conditions for the YouTube Content ID Monetisation

  • By submitting your recording for YouTube monetisation, you confirm that there are no existing agreements with any third parties to monetise your music on YouTube
  • You guarantee that you hold 100% of the rights involved in the YouTube monetisation service
  • Where any titles infringe the rights of a 3rd party, you warrant Instant Music Licensing GmbH (IML) and its partners immunity from any wrong-doing
  • IML reserves the right to reject any catalogue at any time from the YouTube monetisation service and other services (e.g. digital distribution), if you infringe any of the above terms

Important notice: If you upload your tracks on your own channel, you will receive a copyright claim notification from YouTube. This will have no effect on your account standing, and merely means that IML is monetising your videos for you. Should you prefer not to have your channel monetised, please notify us to have your channel whitelisted.

The following is not allowed

  • Recordings containing uncleared samples
  • Recordings based on free beats or any other publicly available sound files
  • Compilations, except if you have the explicit permission from all artists appearing on that compilation.
  • Music that’s released under a Creative Commons license
  • Recordings exclusively made with sample libraries (such as Magix Music Maker, GarageBand)
  • Karaoke songs