What we do

We license digital music rights to TV-Ads & film productions in order to enhance their value and revenue by offering pre-cleared classical music contents for a global film market direct to the targeted customers.

We import, optimize and create

We adjust metadata to the correct format, make sure all tracks are optimized, create albums and cover artworks suitable for the digital market.

Massive content

Over 400 000 recordings and more than 11 000 digital albums in a wide range of genres.

Sales & Marketing

We sell and promote on all major online stores in the world, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google and Spotify.

A toolbox for Partners

We help label partners and content owners to see and reflect on how their content is being used.

Latest release



We offer a wide range of different features and services to make your life easier.


We communicate with decision makers to engage with their needs. A well grown global network with filmmakers and prosperous advertising agencies enables a direct communication.

1-Stop Shop

With our customized 1-Stop licensing platform we generate a wide range of advanced sales opportunities for classical music licensing. music.instantlicensing.com


You get paid for every ad displayed on your videos. You also get paid when someone else uploads your music. You can choose to whitelist/exclude other and your YouTube channel.

Strong networking
with renowned Partners

The umbrella company IML has framework agreements in place with the German public broadcasting companies ARD and ZDF. The advantage for New World Classic customers: You have direct access to these music databases. In addition, ARD and ZDF editors can find all titles recorded at New World Classic through their internal search engines. New World Classic partners will receive additional income from the GVL (Company for the Exploitation of Ancillary Copyright) in the event of when works are utilized. “A strong and mature network is invaluable when it comes to distributing music productions,” says Lopicic, adding, “I am very pleased with the positive market feedback, especially from partners who have been working with us for years.”



Warner Chappell




Our Story

“The German Classical Music Aggregator”

New World Classic, the German “classical music aggregator” was founded in 2019, with a strategy to be the new, innovative music licensing partner that would identify untapped revenue opportunities for a music industry in decline. The original New World Classic team all had backgrounds in music & media, as producers/musicians/entrepreneurs. But no one had worked on a record company. Possibly a key reason why the successful case project ended up being in a field that one hardly associates with quick music industry buck – classical music.
2016 Instant Music Licensing launched its digital music store, and it disrupted how music was being licensed and sold. This also became the onset of New World Classic’s new focus – digital music synch-distribution. Encouraged by an Classical Music partner presentation at Cannes Lions Award Of Creativity the young New World Classic bought their first mechanical music rights. A classical catalogue recorded by a Serbian Symphonic Orchestra.
Following this, New World Classic became synch licensing distributor, but more importantly, began building a fast growing network of media-companies licensing classical music in a safe and effective process. This has been the signature of New World Classic ever since; Compelling products tailor-made for the end consumer.

“In thrust we trust.”.

From that point onward the music catalog has been steadily growing, and today New World Classic sits on top of around 80 000 recordings, including partner-contents.
One of the very first New World Classic compilations, “Greatest Classical Music Moments In Movies, Vol.1” climbed high on the interest of synch licensing partnerships. This event heralded that the startup period of New World Classic was soon to be over. 


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