New World Classic
Animation Award


The winner of this year's
'New World Classic Animation Award' is

FLOWER DUET by Haemin Ko.

We are very happy to present our first award to this outstanding artist.

'Flower Duet' by Haemin Ko has realized the mood of the given song very aesthetically.

Film composer Yin Lu also managed to perfectly integrate the main theme of Leo Delibes Song 'Flower Duet' into the soundtrack.

We are pleased to present the 'New World Classic Animation Award' to Haemin Ko, as image and sound create a beautiful symbiosis and perfectly underline the drama of the fading.

As a counterpoint, we would like to give a 'Special Mention' to the short film 'Abudabude' by Kim Ngyuen. Naïve animation meets classical music, as well as not quite adult content. This entertains and provokes in equal parts. Ameba copulations in Tchaikovsky's 'Nutcracker' rhythm, including the inevitable climax...definitely worth a mention.

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About the award

The music competition New World Classic Animation Award is a new award organised by the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) and sponsored by New World Classic. It is aimed at animation students and graduates at international institutions of higher education for film, art and the media and honours the best use / the best implementation of music in an animated short film. For this purpose, music label New World Classic makes five pieces of music from its portfolio available, either for use as an integral part of an animated short film or for direct visualisation. The licence is free of charge in conjunction with a submission of the film to ITFS 2020. The award carries a value of 2,500 €.

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